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Iraq cancels $4.2bn Russian arms deal over ‘corruption’ – yeah right…

Iraq, I think, need to pick up a real dictionary and lookup the word corruption.  The US dictionary, as we know it, is load of crap.

Any queues who will be ‘eventually’ getting this $4.2bn?  This answer is in the ‘$’.

The source can be found here, but to highlight this farce and charade, the article reads:

when Maliki returned from his trip to Russia, he had some suspicions of corruption, so he decided to review the whole deal.

and further words:

The sale would have made Moscow – the main supplier of arms to Iraq under Saddam Hussein – the country’s second-biggest arms supplier after the US.

What is encouraging is that Moscow are not totally oblivious to the smoke screen, as Igor Korotchenko, the head of Mosco-based centre for analsis of world arms trade put it:

“As soon as the deal was announced a month ago I said that the US would not allow Iraq to buy such huge quantities of weapons from Russia. I believe Washington regarded this as an absolutely unacceptable scenario,” he said.

“As far as talk about corruption is concerned, I think it’s a smokescreen,” he said, adding: “I can’t see any scope for corruption in the Iraq deal. I believe this is just a pretext and the true reason is Washington applying pressure on Baghdad.”

Iraqi puppet government taking the moral high ground.


Tariq Ali Explains: The denial of democracy to the Arab World

The best explanation so far into how the west mainly USA and UK are denying democracy to Arab world.  The west had painted a picture that the Arabs were genetically incapable of adopting democracy and the incompatibility with Islam.  Well Tariq Ali hits the nail in the head on this issue:

It is further evident that west (mainly USA and UK) do not give a crap about the Arabs as this is all about Israel and its existence.  The leaders for the Arabs are chosen by the west to play ball with the west and support the existence of Israel.  Any leader who eventually turns against Israel is literally erased off the face of the planet (Saddam Hussein) or turned into an enemy (Iran and Pakistan).  Rep Ron Paul grills Hillary Clinton a few days ago on US Middle East meddling: