Iraq cancels $4.2bn Russian arms deal over ‘corruption’ – yeah right…

Iraq, I think, need to pick up a real dictionary and lookup the word corruption.  The US dictionary, as we know it, is load of crap.

Any queues who will be ‘eventually’ getting this $4.2bn?  This answer is in the ‘$’.

The source can be found here, but to highlight this farce and charade, the article reads:

when Maliki returned from his trip to Russia, he had some suspicions of corruption, so he decided to review the whole deal.

and further words:

The sale would have made Moscow – the main supplier of arms to Iraq under Saddam Hussein – the country’s second-biggest arms supplier after the US.

What is encouraging is that Moscow are not totally oblivious to the smoke screen, as Igor Korotchenko, the head of Mosco-based centre for analsis of world arms trade put it:

“As soon as the deal was announced a month ago I said that the US would not allow Iraq to buy such huge quantities of weapons from Russia. I believe Washington regarded this as an absolutely unacceptable scenario,” he said.

“As far as talk about corruption is concerned, I think it’s a smokescreen,” he said, adding: “I can’t see any scope for corruption in the Iraq deal. I believe this is just a pretext and the true reason is Washington applying pressure on Baghdad.”

Iraqi puppet government taking the moral high ground.



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