Month: February 2011

Egypt Liberated by Pure People Power.

I’m on the move but could not resist to write a quick post on this.

30 years of Mr Mubarak dictatorship comes to a sudden end by only two weeks of people power.  A strong message has been sent around the world, the real awakening by the people of Egypt has demonstrated what can be achieved by uniting under a common cause.

Call this a revolution or not, the lives and blood of those who were part of this struggle has paid off, the fall of Mr Mubarak is no doubt a call for celebration for the people, a example for other nations in other countries ruled under similar rule, but a big worry for Israel, Saudi Arabia and alike. 

I applaud the way the Egypt revolution was mainly peaceful and if there was any sign of violence it was by loyal to Mubarak Police department and state sponsored clam down on peaceful protesters.

The revolution started first in Tunisia has caught on to the neighbouring countries like a wild forest fire, no one knows where it will end, but one thing is for sure it will create a new Middle East where the people are ones who make the decisions. 

2011 has turned out to be a year for revolutions, a year for the real change. 

Mini-Celebration for 1000th visitor to my blog

Right people I have some exciting news to share, I have met a mini-milestone and have had 1000th visitor to my blog.

Sometime in the night after Tuesday 1st February my blog had its 1000th visitor.  Admittedly it is a small fry in the grand scheme of things but pretty epic achievement in my view.  I never really expect to measure this success in anyway other than noticing on the Tuesday in the evening that I had 992 visitors which then caught my attention thus prompted me to share this news with you, so the fact that over 1000 people somehow found their way to my blog is cool.

My blog was born on 25th October 2010 and it has been a little over 3 months till date and I have noticed that this blog has started to gain momentum.  I have not done justice to my blog and have somewhat fallen short in writing content as much as I would like too – but I believe the hardest part has been achieved by reaching this milestone; the only ingredients left now is to build up its reputation and credibility.

So for that 1000th person and all the people who have added to the count and visited this blog a BIG THANK YOU.  I hope you continue to visit, engage and share your views with me and other readers.