a quick update

A Quick Update:

A quick update, I have been on holiday for the last couple of weeks, a break was needed to simply get away from work and studying.  I’m going to confess that during the break I did absolutely nothing, that’s right ‘nothing’ at all apart from follow Cricket World Cup and read a few books.

I’m back now and I will start to blog again, more frequent than before.  One important development from which I couldn’t break away from was the unrest in Middle East.  I guess no one could break away from what is happening there right now.  Are we seeing the birth of a New Middle East – a Middle East which is free from dictators or are we simply seeing one dictator being replaced by another cunning one?

Now that I am in front of a computer and have access to the internet I will be looking into this tsunami of demonstrations which are rattling decades of dictatorship rule.  The regular news channels have become less reliable in recent years simply because in the rush of being the first to make a ‘breaking story’ some information is inaccurately reported and by the time they realise the fire has already spread.  So I prefer to read alternative news mediums, blogs and firsthand accounts of people followed by videos from people on the ground uploaded to Youtube and alike.

Whatever is happening out there in Middle East has direct effect on us living in the UK or the west, you probably have noticed that already the prices of fuel at the pumps has hit £1.30 a litre which is a record – and as more events unfold this is likely to get worse.

There has been much debate between governments in the West about creating a ‘No Fly Zone’ over Libya and the likelihood of military intervention if demonstrators are killed much like how Saddam Hussein did to the Kurds.  Personally I think it’s too early for talk about militarily intervention – but this could all change if the death toll of demonstrators continues to rise and if oil is used as a tool by Libya’s leader to fight growing international pressure.

Other than that, I hope to publish more content for this blog and I hope to catch up with you all soon.