Statistics Prove Jack Straw WRONG and bias

I wrote an article about Jack Straw and his racial political motivated stunt to gain blocks of white votes days before a by-election.  Upon further research just to understand the magnitude of this problem and most importantly the racial connection between Pakistani men praying on vulnerable women – I found some very interesting statistics over at Pickled Politics:

Table 5.4b of this pdf shows that, in the latest year for which we have data, Lancashire police arrested 627 people for sexual offences. 0.3% of these were Pakistanis. That’s two people. 85.5% were white British. In Lancashire, there are 1,296,900 white Brits and 45,000 Pakistanis. This means that 4.163 per 10,000 white Brits were arrested for a sex crime, compared to 0.44 Pakistanis. If you’re a journalist, you might say that the chances of being arrested for a sex crime are nine times greater if you’re white than Pakistani.

Testing Jack Straws claims against actual facts prove how ill educated Jack Straw is – who happened to be Foreign Secretary for our country once upon a time.

Further investigation also revealed some interesting news that his brother William Straw had been found guilty of an indecent assault on a 16-year-old girl ‘White Women’ who Jack Straw refers to as ‘Easy Meat’ – he was placed on the sex offenders register for the next five years.  You can read the BBC news report here.


  1. This Jack Straw fellow seems obnoxious. He’d fit in quite well where I live (Atlanta, Georgia). He’d be a rocket scientist compared to some of the local pols down here. The guy from the district next to mine made a comment that he was concerned that “Guam might tip over” if the population became too great. Honestly, he’s one of the brighter ones down here.

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