My First – So Be Gentle

Hello and Welcome,

So here we have my first ever post on my first ever blog. Well in truth it’s my second blog and the first was a controversial and notorious blog which I had throughout University and hosted at the campus.  Much like a new assignment, dissertation or a project report it’s always hard to find the open sentences or paragraphs – here too I’m finding it a little tricky in writing my opening post for my new blog – Awakening Tempest.  So I’ve decided to write the open post in three phases:

Past: If you want to know the basics about me, you can read my ‘About’ page at the top.  As mentioned earlier this is really my second blog as I was an author of a blog at a University while I was a student, where I graduated with a degree then a Masters.  The blog had its fans and regular readers (mostly students) and it had its critiques and haters (mainly lecturers, teachers and University staff).

Looking back now I’m impressed to have kept the blog running and alive for the length of my stay – my fear had always been that either I would be excluded/expelled or forced to shut down and delete my blog due to the political nature and critique views I had, although having very very close encounters neither happened.  So now I live to tell the tale so to speak.  If you have been a student you would know exactly what I mean, since living at the University Campus you get drawn into all types of organisations and thinking styles which you just can’t avoid – it’s another method in developing your character and building your mind so you can form your own opinion.

Present: Coming back to the present, I intend to make Awakening Tempest another platform to voice my views and opinion on a much larger scale which I’ve never tempted before.  Honestly I’m a little nervous and unsure as to what the outcome will be – but such nervousness makes me more eager to explore this territory.   It’s been a little over 3 years since I put a farewell post on my University blog after my Masters Graduation ceremony.  There were those who couldn’t wish for anything better than to see the back of me and an end to my controversial blog – then there were those who truly were saddened that I was going and more saddened that a blog which had earned a reputation (in some cases not all good) was to be put down – closed – finished – the end.  I didn’t think I would ever need to blog again, despite being exposed to renewed pressure (mostly from students now ex students), this has now changed.

Much has happened during this time, and after graduation I literally secured a decent job the next day in the banking industry, and I’ve been there ever since climbing up the ladder slowly but surely.  In the real world (after Graduation) life becomes a war, where you fight a battle of some sort almost daily, they refer to it as ‘pressure’ but I find the word ‘battle’ describes the experience better.  In the three years after my departure from the University those people who have continued to stay in touch have often put me under pressure for me to continue blogging, well finally after much resistance I have caved in and made my decision to start blogging again.

Awakening Tempest is where I intend to talk about many things that affect me, in the hope that the same topics have an impact on your life too and we can share our experiences, views and opinions.  As a student the fuel for me to produce content often which was viewed as controversial and notorious was simply unlimited amounts of ‘Red Bull’ until my budget ran out without which I was unable to find my wings.  Now, that has been substituted with ‘Coffee’ and plenty of it.

Future: Unlike other bloggers, who limit themselves and their blogs to particular topics – I have no limits as I intend to cover topics that interest me and affect me, and believe me if I used ‘All Topics’ as two words to explain areas of my interests I wouldn’t be exaggerating.  Don’t get me wrong but other bloggers who restrict themselves do provide valuable content and detail insight which differs in their beliefs from mainstream media, but most times I find that they want you to tag along their thinking and go along their lines – anything that doesn’t fit is not often welcomed and or deleted.

With me, I want readers and contributors with free minds, minds which can think and form their own opinions, minds that have no fear, minds which agree with me and disagree with me.  I welcome and want everyone to contribute and keep the debate of life ongoing.

Since the closing of my previous blog (at University) some three years ago to the creation of this blog, my intention to share my views on all subject matters that affect me has not changed, this is a path which we are all on, a path which is different for everyone but yet the objective is the same.  This intention has not changed and if anything has increased dramatically.  During this three year break I have been somewhat off-line in many ways – both in real life and on the internet.  I do now have plans to continue sharing my struggles with my dear readers.  Admittedly such experiences are sometimes hard to understand, hard to explain and hard to write about – but I shall embrace this challenge and make this a source of communication to you.

Touching up a little more on the types of topics I intend to write about are not limited at all, I have keen interest in British and Global politics, in politicians who think we (general public) do not possess a brain and continue making life harder for us all, I have interests in globalisation, fighting wars that do not benefit us but only the elite, Middle East and how it affects us all.  I intend to write about my struggles in life and in my profession, science, natural disasters, mind control, illuminati, secret societies, and also provide content which would help build our characters in many ways.  If you are already thinking ‘What random topics’ then just carry on visiting and you will be amazed.  There is something here for everyone and you all are welcome.

During the coming weeks, as a reader you may see and notice changes taking place with the design of this blog as I will constantly try to improve this blog in many ways.  I also have another mission which is to bring back up to standard my writing ability that brings out thought provoking questions, I have somewhat missed doing this since University.

Finally: Blogging will be a good challenge once again along with everything else I do, time management will be key as finding time to write in an already busy lifestyle is a challenge for me in its self.  So I hope you can help me in this blog by engaging with your thoughts, rambles, views, opinions and frustrations.  Think for yourself and have no fear in letting the world know.


  1. “…I have no limits as I intend to cover topics that interest me and affect me…”
    I guess I could quote you on that one.

    I look forward to reading and commenting on your posts.
    …will be back soon!

  2. Hi,

    Congratulations on starting a blog. Blogging can be very creative outlet as it is for me. I too do not have one niche as I like to enjoy writing what matters to me.

    I wanted to wish you great luck, you seemed to have a great first post and about page, which is great! Looking forward to more.

    1. Hi Bonnie – Thanks for visiting and for your contribution. I think the words ‘Spirited discussion’ does justice to my intention on what to blog about.

      The beauty about blogging on ‘unlimited’ topics is that you only know the starting point – then that’s it, the rest is uncontrollable, unimaginable and unpredictable. Your basically in a world of the unknown – how exciting is that!!

      I hope you (and everyone else) can be part of my ‘world of the unknown’. Thanks once again for popping over.

  3. Glad to know thats its your second blog and you’ve success with your old blog.

    but its my kind advice to you that please kept your blog on selfhosting, because later on when your blog is some kinda popular then wordpress will not easily allow to take of your blog, so be careful.

    1. Usi

      Thank you for visiting – thank you for the advice. I have considered ‘self hosting’ but in fairness I didn’t want to take on too much work – or at least in the initial stages when I’m trying to sum up how much effort and time is required to run this current blog. I do know in the future I will need to consider self hosting more closely.

  4. hey there! i dropped by to congratulate you on your blog… thanks for dropping by to my site as well. be sure to add more contents coz i will be coming back. i am on the process of making my 2nd content as well… good luck to our blogs!

    1. Anne,

      Thanks for visiting, congratulations to you too. In all fairness I have many topics I want to right about the problem is in which order to do so. I will be putting up some content shortly. Thanks once again for popping over.

  5. MentorLog,

    I’m happy you like the tag line – the tag line summed me up as a person. Thanks for you support and I intend to continue writing and improve too. By the way – nice blog you have too. Keep it up.

    1. Keith – I hope to voice my views/opinion and I would be glad to engage with you too. The problem I’m facing right now is that I’m frustrated by so many things I just don’t know where to start from.

  6. I can relate. I started blogging about a month ago and I feel like I have a million ideas that I want to put into every article and million frustrations I need to work out. I have been trying to write every weird thing that pops into my mind. Some of the stuff I’ve done feels really good and some of it is an unmitigated train wreck.

    Just put it out there. A lot of people out there are looking forward to reading interesting people with new ideas! Frustration can be a wonderful source of creativity. Can’t wait to read your next article.

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